Enloe Patient Portal

Welcome to Enloe Medical Center's Patient Portal! this new interactive tool will be available to provide you secure and convenient online access to your health information and helps you manage your care with ease. Learn how to enroll.

Access your health information

Our initial launch of the patient portal is focused on recent inpatients at Enloe Medical Center -- those who have had an overnight stay at one of our facilities. The type of information available in the portal will be most helpful for these patients.

  • Recent visit history, including dates and locations
  • Medication list, including vitamins and supplements
  • Lab results, allergies, health conditions
  • The ability to send profile update requests

As we continue to develop the Enloe Patient Portal, we will add new features designed to assist you and save you time. The new features will also provide more robust information for outpatients.

Have questions?

Most questions can be answered right here online.

Need further assistance? Call Enloe's Patient Portal Technical Support at (530) 332-9060.