FAQ: Wound Center Treatment

Here we address the commonly asked questions regarding what to expect at the Enloe Wound Center.

How do I know if I need treatment at a wound center?

Typically, most wounds heal without any special treatment. However, when wounds fail to show progress in two weeks or heal completely in six weeks, these wounds need the expertise of a wound care specialist at a wound care center. People with diabetes or circulation problems often have wounds such as these.

Will my family doctor get a report on my care?

A team of physicians and nurses specially trained in the treatment of non-healing wounds will report your treatment plan and progress directly to your family doctor at regular intervals, providing written reports and photographs of your wound status.

How often would I need to come for treatment?

During the initial stages of treatment at a wound care center, patients are typically seen every 7-10 days. The frequency of the visits, however, is always determined by the individual patients need.

Will the treatment be painful?

Assuring the patient’s comfort is always a priority for the wound care staff. ¬†At each visit, we will assess the patient’s level of pain and use interventions to assure that there is minimal to no discomfort experienced during treatment.

Who will do my dressing changes between visits at the center?

The wound care center staff will work with the patient, the patient’s family and any caregivers involved to assure prescribed dressing changes are accomplished.

How will my progress be monitored?

At each visit, the wound care team will measure the wound and assess the wound for signs of healing. Patients will be kept informed of their progress at each visit.

Will my insurance cover this treatment?

Most insurance companies will cover the services provided. Enloe Medical Center offers a financial services counselor that will work with each patient to determine the coverage provided by their specific insurance plan.

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