Nettleton Mother & Baby Care Center


Our goal at Enloe’s Nettleton Mother & Baby Care Center is to help you have the birth experience you desire. An entire floor of our new Magnolia Tower is dedicated to maternity services in a warm, welcoming environment.

When an expectant mom arrives, her first stop could be a “Maybe Baby” room. There, she will be assessed for progress in labor before moving into her private birthing suite.

Birthing Suites

The Nettleton Mother & Baby Care Center’s Birthing Unit has eight private suites with private bathrooms. Each suite was designed to create a soothing environment helping labor progress naturally.

Amenities. Mothers can choose to use a birthing ball, whirlpool tub or shower, or wireless fetal monitoring allowing her to move throughout the unit. Soft lighting in the room and aromatherapy can assist with relaxation. Each suite also has Wi-Fi access and a TV.

The birth experience. Safety and healthy outcomes are our top concerns. We take pride in allowing moms to decide who she wants in the birthing suite to provide love and support during her birth experience. Moms can watch their baby being born, reflected in a mirror, and dads or birth partners are invited to cut the umbilical cord. After the birth, we provide guidance to initiate
infant feeding and mother-baby bonding with skin-to-skin contact. This is beneficial for both
mom and baby and is an area of great pride and joy for us as the first Baby-Friendly hospital in
Butte County.

Lullaby tradition. When babies are born, new parents get to “push the button” that plays the Brahms’ Lullaby overhead throughout the hospital. This tradition celebrates new life, inspiring hope and joy throughout the medical center.

Couplet Care

After recovering from the birthing experience, mom and baby move to a private Couplet Care
room. Each has a private bathroom with shower and furniture to accommodate an overnight guest. Babies room with their mother, where our staff gives information on self-care, newborn care and infant feeding. This is provided in-person, on DVD and through a take-home booklet.
(Who says babies don’t come with a manual?) Mothers will enjoy fresh, healthy meals during
their stay and, to celebrate baby’s arrival, we offer a special meal for mom and her partner.

Family Lounge

Family members are welcome in the birthing suite if requested by the expectant mom, or they may wait comfortably in our family lounge.

Guests can also enjoy a fresh meal or cup of coffee in Enloe’s Allspice Café.

More features for Your comfort and care

  • A lactation room for private consultations
  • A Special Care Nursery with six rooms, each with bassinet and sleep chairs for mothers or fathers to stay overnight with their baby
  • A Special Care Nursery Family Room, for parents whose physicians order an overnight stay prior to leaving the hospital to gain confidence in providing full care for their new baby after their stay in our Special Care Nursery.
“The new Mother and Baby Care Center at Enloe is fantastic. It really made me feel at home. The environment is light and airy. It was great to feel as if we had our own space and space for our visitors.”
– Aimee, a mother of one

We are Baby Friendly!

As the first Baby Friendly hospital in the area, we provide families with information and guidance needed to initiate infant feeding and mother-baby bonding.

Questions? We are here to help

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