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Hyperbaric oxygen therapy offers one of the most effective treatments available for hard-to-heal wounds and other conditions. Enloe provides this treatment at our Wound/Ostomy & Hyperbaric Center.

How hyperbaric Oxygen therapy works

Hyperbaric oxygen therapy delivers 100 percent oxygen in a pressurized environment. The oxygen-rich blood promotes healing, particularly for chronic wounds in patients with diabetes. Treatment increases the body’s own healing factors, which stimulate new blood vessel growth in wound tissue, helping prevent future breakdown. Lean more about hyperbaric therapy.

Conditions we treat

Enloe's Hyperbaric Services provide medically approved treatments with a comprehensive treatment plan. Conditions we can treat include:

  • Problematic wounds, including diabetic wounds and
  • Chronic non-healing wounds
  • Infections including chronic bone infections
  • Radiation injuries from radiation treatment for cancer
  • Crush injuries

About our hyperbaric chamber

We have a multi-use hyperbaric chamber that seats six individuals as well as a technician who “dives” with the patients. For your comfort and enjoyment, we offer a selection of movies that can be viewed during treatment.

Treating physicians

The treating physicians at Enloe Hyperbaric Center are Kurt Johnson, MD, medical director of the Enloe Hyperbaric Center, Andrew Knapp, DO, and Scott Zittel, DO, who oversee and administer hyperbaric oxygen therapy. Joseph Matthews, MD, Medical Director of Enloe’s Wound/Ostomy Center, will also provide treatment at the Hyperbaric Center.

Getting started with treatment

The hyperbaric therapy service requires an order from the patient's physician. To be referred to the Enloe Wound & Hyperbaric Center for treatment of wounds or other health issues, patients can be evaluated right at the center.

Answers to your Hyperbaric oxygen Therapy questions

We have answered frequently asked questions about hyperbaric oxygen therapy and how to prepare for your hyperbaric oxygen therapy.


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Physicians on Enloe’s Medical Staff are independent licensed practitioners not employed by the medical center.

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