Enloe Hospice: Giving and Volunteering

Volunteer opportunities

What gifts might you have to offer as a volunteer? Complete training and ongoing support is available to our volunteer providers. For more information contact the Volunteer Coordinator at 530.332.3180 or

Forms for current volunteers 

Following are two forms that you can print out, fill out and turn in. Or you can go the paperless route by saving them on your hard drive, filling them out electronically and e-mailing them in the the e-mail address on the form.

Volunteers, thank you for all you do!

Memorial Gifts

Bequests and Memorial Gifts in memory and recognition of a loved one can be made to the Enloe Foundation at:

Enloe Foundation
249 W. Sixth Avenue
Chico, CA  95928
Phone:  530.332.4550
Fax:  530.893.6834

We appreciate the generosity of our community in allowing us to provide care to all of those in need at this time of life transition.

Contact Enloe Hospice

1390 East Lassen Ave.
Chico, CA 95926
Phone: 530.332.6060
Toll-fee: 1.800.822.8102 (Ask to be transferred to Enloe Hospice)
Office hours: 8:30 a.m. to 5 p.m. A Registered Nurse is available for consultation.
On-call nurse: An on-call nurse is available 24 hours a day for advice, support or a home visit as necessary.


Find a Doctor
Call: 1-877-Enloe-MD