Enloe Cardiac Rehabilitation

Since 1979, Enloe Medical Center’s Cardiac Rehabilitation Program has offered a variety of exercise and education programs to help people with heart disease recover and lead healthier lives.

Enloe’s medically supervised rehabilitation program incorporates:

• Initial physical conditioning: Cardiacrehabilitation nurses and exercise physiologists custom-tailor monitored exercise sessions for each patient.

• Maintenance and Prevention Exercise Program: Cardiac Rehab offers regular workouts to individuals who have completed the initial conditioning program and those with risk factors who want a medically based regimen of physical exercise.

• Education sessions: In conjunction with their exercise sessions, patients learn about their heart condition and ways to decrease risks of future problems.

• Nutrition assessment and dietary counseling: Registered dietitians provide individual guidelines to help patients improve their eating patterns and address specific health needs.

• Stress management: Specially designed courses help patients deal with unavoidable stresses in ways that don’t adversely affect health.

• Smoking cessation: Patients “kick the habit” through resources and support by trained staff.

Getting Started

Talk to your physician about cardiac rehabilitation and how it might benefit you or call the Enloe Cardiac Rehabilitation office for additional information, (530) 332-6898 or 1-800-822-8102. Cardiac Rehabilitation is covered by Medicare and most other insurance plans.

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Enloe Cardiac Rehabilitation
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