Guide to Your Surgical Experience at Enloe

ESPAA Services: Enloe Surgical and Procedural Assessment Area

This service is designed to ensure the best possible surgical experience for Enloe’s patients. ESPAA has a team of registered nurses who meet with patients to provide pre-operative education, assessment and testing. ESPAA (pronounced e -spa) coordinates with Northstate Anesthesiology Partners, the group of physicians who provide anesthesiology services at Enloe Medical Center.

Benefits of this service include:

• We educate you about your upcoming surgery.
• We gather your medical history and provide any needed exams, sharing results with your surgeon and anesthesiologist.
• We check for and follow up on issues that could create a delay in your surgery.
• We provide you with instructions for your day of surgery, including how to prepare, what medications to take, where to go and your arrival time.

Making an appointment

Please call us today for an appointment if your physician has not already done so:
(530) 332-6001
. We are here to serve you 8 a.m. to 6:30 p.m., Monday through Friday.

Preparing for your surgical Experience

Learn about how to prepare in the days before your surgery and the day of your surgery, what to expect when you arrive for surgery, as well as information about going home, tips for after surgery and general information. Obtain tips for before and after your surgery.

Contact ESPAA

Enloe Surgical and Procedural Assessment Area (ESPAA)
Fountain Medical Plaza
251 Cohasset Road
Chico, CA 95973
(530) 332-6001

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Call: 1-877-Enloe-MD