Enloe FlightCare's new EC130 T2 EcoStar began service in February 2015. It is the first of its kind to be operated as an air ambulance. Learn more about this new aircraft.


Enloe FlightCare Program

A symbol of our commitment to the local communities

The Enloe FlightCare Program touches the lives of many in our region by responding to emergencies within a 75-mile radius of Enloe in counties including Butte, Tehama, Glenn, Plumas, Colusa, Sierra, Yuba and parts of Lassen. FlightCare is supported by a full team of emergency and critical care experts. Since 1985, Enloe FlightCare has been saving lives in the area around Chico, transporting more than 17,000 patients. It was one of the first three air medical programs in the country to become fully certified with the Federal Aviation Commission to use night-vision goggles. The helicopter flies at an average speed of 135 miles per hour and responds to an average of three calls per day.

FlightCare Membership

The FlightCare Membership Plan assures that members will not be billed for out-of-pocket expenses when FlightCare or a reciprocating emergency air service transports them.
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CErtification, Designation, Affiliation

Enloe FlightCare Is accredited by the Commission on Accreditation of Air Medical Transport System (CAMTS). This recognizes that the medical transport rotor-wing service provides
highly skilled flight nurse and paramedic teams to care for adult and pediatric patients. The FlightCare helicopter is equipped with 12-lead machine, as part of Enloe Medical Center's STEMI Designation, to provide the most timely care for patients suffering from the most urgent heart, life-threatening heart attacks. Enloe FlightCare is affiliated with the Association of Air Medical Membership Programs (AAMMP), which means members' FlightCare benefits transfer to the sister programs.

Answering Your Questions

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Enloe FlightCare's new EC130 T2 EcoStar helicopter

Enloe FlightCare celebrates 30 years of air ambulance service and unveils the new ecoStar helicopter




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