Cancer Support Services

The Enloe Regional Cancer Center in Chico, CA., aims to enhance patients’ healing process and support patients' family members by offering integrative medicine options to support their care, as well as by creating a pleasing and relaxing environment with resources that personalize, humanize and demystify health care.

Lymphedema Therapy through the Enloe Lymphedema Program

Cancer patients may develop a condition called secondary lymphedema, a type of swelling caused by fluid stagnating in the body tissue. The Enloe Lymphedema Program at the Enloe Regional Cancer Center specializes in treating the pain and swelling of lymphedema and other edemas with comprehensive services for control and self-management. Learn more about Lymphedema Therapy and the Enloe Lymphedema Program.

Acupuncture Clinics

A licensed acupuncturist provides a weekly low-cost outpatient clinic in a group setting for a variety of symptoms and conditions. Learn more about the Acupuncture Clinics at the Enloe Regional Cancer Center.

Cancer Connections

Enloe's Cancer Connections program includes all aspects of patient support, from free classes and education, to making referrals to case management social workers and volunteer patient ambassadors. Every patient receives a binder with tips, tips, key phone numbers and other helpful resources and information. Find out more about ways Cancer Connections can support you and your loved ones.

Cancer Center Library

Patients who are well-informed tend to feel better about their treatment. A resource library inside the Enloe Regional Cancer Center offers access to books, brochures, videos and CDs related to cancer, health and wellness. Topics covered include not only the various types of cancers but also information about nutrition, relationships and more. Find out more about the Cancer Center Library.

Contact Us

Enloe Regional Cancer Center
265 Cohasset Road
Chico, CA 95926
Enloe Cancer Access Line: (530) 332-4700;
The Cancer Access Line is a free, confidential service can help with initial referrals as well as basic information. Messages left on this confidential line are returned Monday through Friday.