Quality initiatives

Enloe Medical Center is committed to creating a culture of quality and safety. Enloe participates in a number of quality assurance initiatives and publicly released surveys.

Enloe's Quality Summit: Recognizing our 5th Quality Summit

In 2013, Enloe Medical Center celebrates our 100th anniversary and recognizes our 5th anniversary of the Quality Summit. The Quality Summit brings together employees as well as physicians from the Enloe Medical Staff to review current quality initiatives, celebrate achievements and identify new initiatives. Each year, we look for the best ideas that are evidence-based and can make a difference to patient care.
See Enloe's 2013 Quality Summit Annual Report (Adobe PDF).

Enloe's 2013-2014 Quality Initiatives

  • Expand Palliative Care: Expanded presence in emergency and critical care areas will broaden the impact of this patient-centered service. (Learn about Enloe's Supportive and Palliative Care program.)
  • Enhance Communication: Clear, timely handoff communication will positively contribute to patient safety.
  • Use Clinical Labs Wisely. Clinical lab utilization will be appropriate through every stage of a patient's hospitalization.
  • Strengthen Physician-Hospital Alignment: Robust physician-hospital integration will be the key to successfully navigating the new health care landscape.
  • Monitor Hearts Thoughtfully: Heart monitoring outside of critical care will match changing patient needs.
  • Ongoing Quality Initiatives: Each of previous years’ quality initiatives will continue to be monitored, refined and shared as part of our ongoing commitment to quality. See last year's (2012-2013) quality initiatives in 2012 Quality Summit Annual Report (Adobe PDF).

Ongoing Quality Initiatives

We attend the Institute for Healthcare Improvement Conference annually in search of the best ideas that are evidence-based and can make a difference for our patients. Our many ongoing quality programs include the following:

  • We are regularly reviewed by the Joint Commission, and are Joint Commission Accredited.
  • We have adopted the World Health Organization Surgical Checklist to promote patient safety during surgery. 
  • Bedside Medication Verification (BMV) and Electronic Medication Administration Record (eMAR) use bar-code technology to verify that medications are administered to the right patient in the right dose at the right time. This is one way we commit to medication safety. Improvements have been seen in areas using BMV/eMAR.
  • To enhance patient safety, Enloe implemented a Rapid Response Team. Intervening when a patient starts to show signs of deterioration can often prevent a worsening of condition. Use of these teams has shown dramatic decreases in the number of “code blue” events.
  • We provide publicly reported data and receive designations for care of strokes and ST Elevation Myocardial Infarctions (STEMI heart attacks), as well as for our Bariatric Program.
  • In 2011, Enloe shared presentations at the Institute for Healthcare Improvement Annual Forum for our successes in obstetric care, minimizing blood use in heart surgery, improved outcomes for stroke patients and optimized use of antibiotics.
  • In 2012, Enloe presented a webinar on minimizing blood use during heart surgery, to teach other hospitals.
  • Enloe has several quality watch committees, including the Board of Trustees’ Committee on Quality; Infection Prevention & Control Committee; Performance Improvement & Patient Safety (PIPS) Committee; Medication Error Reduction Committee; Antibiotic Stewardship Committee; and Surgical Care Improvement Program.
For more about quality at Enloe, please visit our Accomplishments page and visit the Hospital Compare website.


Enloe Heart Program Quality Initiatives

  • Participation in the California Coronary Artery Bypass Graft Mortality Reporting Program, a survey of the Office of Statewide Health Planning and Development (OSHPD) and the Pacific Business Group on Health (PBGH)
  • Participation in a surgical outcomes database managed by the Society of Thoracic Surgeons (STS). STS is widely regarded by clinicians as the most comprehensive and conclusive tool for comparing cardiac surgery results.
  • Reports outcomes of cardiac artery bypass graft surgeries to CCORP (California CABG Outcomes Reporting Program) semi-annually, as is required by law in California
  • Learn more about the Enloe Heart Program.

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— Atul Gawande, MD