Planetree Initiative: Human INteraction

Human Interaction is one of our patient-centered initiatives addressing the components of Planetree.

The Planetree approach starts at the organization’s core and builds momentum outward.

  • “Renewing the Spirit of Enloe” staff training retreats are taking place to provide all Enloe employees with understanding and techniques related to Planetree.  Retreats provide caregivers with the tools for nurturing and healing, building on the strong caring qualities they already demonstrate. Our discussions focus on the patient’s perspective and the vital role staff play in personalizing care. 
  • Enloe uses a nursing model designed to improve interaction, communication and care. RN-directed patient-centered care is practiced on the various nursing units with the goal of enhancing delivery of care and increasing patient satisfaction. Over time, this approach will be rolled out to all nursing units.
  • Our Stories of Excellence recognition program honors caregivers, including employees, partner employees, volunteers and physicians, whose actions tell a story of human kindness, quality of clinical care, or exceptional customer service. Read some of the Stories of Excellence.
  • Also, Enloe Volunteer Services provides a Patient Ambassadors Program designed to reduce the physical, psychological, social and spiritual anxiety of patients and their families. Compassionate volunteers, who receive in-depth training and orientation, visit hospital patients and offer help in a variety of ways. Tasks may include engaging in conversation, visiting, reading, playing cards, offering caring touch and providing access to healing arts. Patient Ambassadors may also support the nursing unit by assisting with administrative tasks.