Planetree INitiatives: Access to Information

This is one of our patient-centered initiatives addressing the components of Planetree.

Shared Medical Record

Enloe Medical Center has implemented a shared medical records policy as a tool to help patients make informed health care decisions. We encourage our patients to read their own medical records during their hospital stay, which helps them be active participants in their health care and treatment plan. Shared medical records promote a two-way dialogue between patients and health care providers, and allow patients to understand and ask questions about their disease or their course of treatment. Sharing the medical record is a collaborative experience, with a nurse or physician reviewing the record with the patient. Patients are given several opportunities to request their medical records. The process starts with Enloe’s registration staff, who informs patients of their right and encourages them to review their medical records during their hospital stay. Once patients are in their room, the nursing staff also explains the option. If a patient is interested in reviewing his or her record, the nurse will schedule a time to review the records together. Patients can authorize their loved ones to review their medical records with written permission. Learn more.

Community Education

Enloe offers ongoing free educational events for the community and health professionals. We also have several free support groups and classes.

Enloe Public Libaries

The Enloe Health Learning Center, which opened in May 2009, provides patients, family members and community members access to a broad array of health, wellness and medical information. A team of dedicated caregivers and community members from Enloe, the Butte County Library and Chico State Library worked to develop a mission and core selection of resources for the learning center. The Enloe Health Learning Center is located at 1465 Esplanade in Chico. Enloe also offers a Cancer Center Library, available as a resource for patients, their families and others in the community. Learn more about these community resources and access our online catalog.