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Enloe Medical Center's Level II Trauma Center receives prestigious designation from American College of Surgeons

Only hospital between Sacramento and Portland, and one in 7 in Northern California, to achieve this ‘gold standard’ verification

CHICO, Calif., June 10, 2014 – After a lengthy and voluntary on-site assessment by a team of experts, Enloe Medical Center’s trauma center has been verified as a Level II Trauma Center by the Verification Review Committee, an ad hoc committee of the Committee on Trauma of the American College of Surgeons. Enloe has been designated by the state of California as a Level II trauma center since 1988. This additional achievement from the American College of Surgeons recognizes Enloe’s dedication to providing optimal care for injured patients.

Enloe is the only Verified Level II Trauma Center north of the Sacramento area, and one of only seven in Northern California, including the Bay Area, according the listing of American College of Surgeons (ACS) verified centers at:

“The American College of Surgeon’s ‘verified’ status is the gold standard for trauma care in the United States,” said Enloe CEO Mike Wiltermood. “Achieving this status requires a higher standard and verifies the presence of specific resources available for patient care.”

The ACS COT’s verification program does not designate trauma centers. Rather, the program provides confirmation that a trauma center has demonstrated its commitment to providing the highest quality trauma care for all injured patients. The actual establishment and the designation of trauma centers is the function of local, regional, or state health care systems agencies, such as the local emergency medical services (EMS) authority.

Established by the ACS in 1987, the Committee on Trauma’s (COT’s) Consultation/Verification Program for Hospitals promotes the development of trauma centers in which participants provide not only the hospital resources necessary for trauma care, but also the entire spectrum of care to address the needs of all injured patients. This spectrum encompasses the pre-hospital phase through the rehabilitation process.

Verified trauma centers must meet the essential criteria that ensure trauma care capability and institutional performance, as outlined by ACS’ COT in its current Resources for Optimal Care of the Injured Patient manual. Documentation shows that verification improves the quality of the patients' care and provides better outcomes, according to ACS.

There are five separate categories of verification in the COT's program. Each category has specific criteria that must be met by a facility seeking that level of verification (see the Information Sheet below). Each hospital has an on-site review by a team of experienced site reviewers, who use the current Resources for the Optimal Care of the Injured Patient manual as a guideline in conducting the survey.

The ACS is a scientific and educational association of surgeons that was founded in 1913 to raise the standards of surgical education and practice and to improve the care of the surgical patient. The College has over 72,000 members and it is the largest association of surgeons in the world. Longstanding achievements have placed the ACS in the forefront of American surgery and have made it an important advocate for all surgical patients.

Information Sheet

What is the Committee on Trauma?

The Committee on Trauma (COT), a standing committee of the American College of Surgeons (ACS), works to improve all phases of care of the injured patient and to prevent injuries before they occur. The committee promotes leadership and cooperation of all participants in a trauma center so that the best possible care will be provided to injured patients. The committee also requires the commitment of each facility's surgeons to the improvement of trauma care. Recognizing that trauma is a surgical disease that demands surgical leadership, the ACS established the COT, its oldest standing committee, in 1922.

What is the Consultation/Verification Program?

Established by the ACS COT in 1987, the Consultation/Verification Program is designed to promote the development of trauma centers in which participants provide the hospital resources necessary to address the trauma needs of all injured patients. The Consultation Program is designed to help hospitals and their personnel prepare for this endeavor. The Verification Program confirms that all the criteria have been met.

What is Resources for Optimal Care of the Injured Patient?

This document is the resource manual of the COT. First published in 1976 as

Optimal Hospital Resources for Care of the Injured Patient, the manual established guidelines for the care of injured patients. Subsequent revisions have continued the COT's commitment to ensuring that resources and personnel for providing optimal care for injured patients are in place in trauma programs. In 1990, the name of this manual was changed to Resources for Optimal Care of the Injured Patient to reflect a change in trauma care and to complement an important and abiding principle of the COT: To ensure that the needs of all injured patients are addressed wherever they are injured and wherever they receive care.



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