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Enloe Medical Center Recognized by Planetree for Meaningful Progress in Patient-Centered Care

First California hospital to receive Bronze-Level Recognition

CHICO, Calif., Nov. 12, 2013 – Enloe Medical Center has been awarded Planetree Bronze Recognition for Meaningful Progress in Patient-Centered Care. Enloe Medical Center is the first health care organization in California to be awarded bronze-level recognition since Planetree introduced the recognition level in 2012.

Bronze Recognition was awarded to Enloe Medical Center following a series of focus groups with patients and their loved ones, as well as staff from a multitude of disciplines and divisions within the hospital. Considered collectively, these discussions with patients and staff attested to a genuine culture of patient-centered care. The award is conferred based on a variety of factors, including performance on traditional quality indicators, review of policy documents and, most importantly, how patients and staff assess the organization’s patient-centered culture.

“The experience of Enloe Medical Center shows what can be accomplished when a team of deeply committed, supremely innovative and highly-driven caregivers take the courageous leap to re-define priorities and re-organize systems to put patients first,” said Susan Frampton, Planetree’s president. 

A Planetree affiliate since 2006, the achievement of Bronze Recognition by Enloe Medical Center is a significant milestone in the organization’s culture change journey, evidencing that effective policies, practices, tools and systems are in place to meet a broad range of patient, family, and professional health care giver needs and preferences. 

What distinguishes Planetree recognition among other health care quality awards is its distinctive focus on patient-centered care, defined as a model of care delivery in which health care professionals partner with patients and families to identify and satisfy the full range of patient needs and preferences.

“Our goal is to empower our patients to make informed decisions about their care,” said Connie Rowe, RN, Enloe’s vice president of patient care services. “We are designing our services to be responsive to our patients’ abilities, preferences, lifestyles and goals. In patient-centered care we shift from asking, ‘What's the matter with our patient?’ to ‘What matters to our patient?" The Planetree model teaches us to personalize, humanize and demystify the patient experience.”

The recognition program is an extension of Planetree’s established Patient-Centered Hospital Designation Program®, the only program to recognize excellence in patient-centered care across the continuum of care and around the world. Health care organizations awarded Patient-Centered Hospital Designation® undergo a rigorous process to demonstrate comprehensive implementation and maintenance of patient-centered care, as captured in more than 50 specific criteria.

The criteria include:

• A shared medical record policy that encourages patients to review their medical record while they’re in the hospital to be better informed about their health the care they receive

• Nonrestrictive visiting practices

• Opportunities for patient and family input into health center operations

• Healthy and flexible meal options

• Recognition of the role of spirituality and the arts in healing

• A physical environment that facilitates privacy, promotes open communication between patients and providers, and is accommodating of family members’ involvement in their loved one’s care.

Recognizing that ultimately the patient experience originates with those providing care, several criteria focus on nurturing a work environment that is supportive of staff.

In 2012, Planetree introduced two intermediate recognition tiers—Bronze Recognition for Meaningful Progress in Patient-Centered Care and Silver Recognition for Significant Advancement in Patient-Centered Care. Each is designed to celebrate organizations that have fulfilled a significant portion of the designation criteria.

“Planetree awards Bronze Recognition for Meaningful Progress in Patient-Centered Care to celebrate organizations’ progress along the culture change journey,” said Frampton.  “In this spirit, we look forward to witnessing how the team at Enloe Medical Center builds on this achievement to take its commitment to delivering patient-centered care to even greater heights.”

About Planetree:

Founded in 1978 by a San Francisco patient who endured a traumatic health care experience, Planetree is an international, not-for-profit organization that partners with health care organizations across the continuum of care to personalize, humanize, and demystify the health care experience by putting the needs of individuals first. To achieve this aim, Planetree guides organizations through a structured process that enables and inspires caregivers to transform the health care experience they provide. With its model of patient-/resident-centered care being implemented in a diverse range of hospitals, continuing care facilities, outpatient clinics, and consumer health libraries across the United States, Canada, Brazil, The Netherlands and Denmark, Planetree is demonstrating that patient-/resident-centered care is not only an empowering philosophy, but a viable, vital, and cost-effective model of care.

Media Contact:

Christina Chavira
Communications Specialist, Enloe Medical Center
530.332.5589 office; 530.588.4411 cell


Enloe Medical Center is a local, nonprofit health care organization. For more information, please call 530/332-7300 or visit us online at   Enloe Medical Center is located at 1531 Esplanade Chico, Calif.  95926.

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