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Enloe Medical Center Awarded
with Medal of Honor for organ donation

From left  Allen Ward, CTDN Manager of Donation; Virginia Reese, Regional Donation Coordinator, CTDN; Chris Hayes, RN, CCRN at Enloe Medical Center; Kellie Lyons, RN; and John Lilley, Supervisor for Clinical Services, CTDN

CHICO, CA. -- Enloe Medical Center has been honored by the federal agency overseeing organ and tissue donation for its work to reduce the number of people waiting for an organ or tissue transplant.

The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) awarded a Bronze Medal of Honor to hospital representatives at a national conference in Texas by on Oct. 4.

“We in turn honor those patient families for their generosity of organ donation in order to save or improve others’ lives,” said Mike Wiltermood, CEO at Enloe Medical Center. “It is an incredible gift of kindness. Also the compassion and professionalism of Enloe’s caregivers towards the patient families provides support during that difficult time.”

Each hospital in the United States is encouraged to meet three national standards for organ and tissue donation. Enloe is one of only 400 hospitals in the country to be honored for achieving or exceeding one of those standards.

California Transplant Donor Network (CTDN), which works with the hospitals on organ and tissue donation in Northern California and Northern Nevada, joined in the recognition for that effort.

“What we see each day in working with Enloe is a commitment to the idea that lives are saved and improved through organ and tissue donation. It is great to see this recognition for Enloe at a national level,” said Cindy Siljestrom, Chief Executive Officer for CTDN.

About 10,000 people are waiting for organs alone in Northern California and Northern Nevada. Last year, after all possible measures to save their lives had been exhausted, Enloe referred 57 patients as possible donors. As a result, seven people became donors, and 25 organs were recovered. Also, there were 25 tissue donors at the hospital in 2011.

 Eight people potentially can be saved through a single organ donor, and that same donor can improve the lives of more than 50 people through tissue donation.    

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The California Transplant Donor Network saves and improves lives by facilitating organ and tissue donation for transplantation. The California Transplant Donor Network helps 175 hospitals in 41 Northern and Central California and Northern Nevada counties offer the option of organ and tissue donation to families whose loved ones have died, coordinates deceased organ recovery and placement, and provides public education with the hope that every resident will become a donor. The California Transplant Donor Network is federally designated as the region’s organ recovery organization. For information, visit

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