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Enloe opens hyperbaric center
for hard-to-heal wounds

CHICO, Calif., Feb. 23, 2011 – Enloe Medical Center has partnered with a local company to provide a full range of comprehensive hyperbaric services to the community. The Enloe Hyperbaric Center is located at 1026 Mangrove, Suite 10 in Chico, and can be reached at (530) 899-9361. Hyperbaric oxygen therapy offers one of the most effective treatments available for hard-to-heal wounds and other conditions.

“Hyperbaric oxygen therapy delivers 100 percent oxygen in a pressurized environment. This increases oxygen going into the tissues of the body,” said Enloe Hyperbaric Center manager Linda Reynolds, RN. “The oxygen-rich blood promotes healing, particularly for chronic wounds in patients with diabetes. It also increases the body’s own healing factors, which stimulate new blood vessel growth in wound tissue, helping prevent future breakdown. And that’s why we wanted to add the service.”

Chico Hyperbaric Center previously offered hyperbaric therapy at the same location with the same staff.

“The Enloe Wound Center wanted to be able to offer a comprehensive service for patients with wounds. The addition of hyperbaric therapy provides complete treatment options to do everything possible for wound healing,” Reynolds explains. “Enloe already used the Chico Hyperbaric Center’s services because it is a viable ancillary treatment that can really help patients. We knew that if we brought our teams together we could increase access for people.”

In addition to wounds, hyperbaric oxygen therapy can help treat a variety of other conditions, including crush injuries, air embolism (air bubbles in the blood vessels), decompression sickness, carbon monoxide poisoning, certain infections and radiation injuries.

The treating physicians at Enloe Hyperbaric Center are Kurt Johnson, MD, medical director of the Enloe Hyperbaric Center, Andrew Knapp, DO, and Scott Zittel, DO, who oversee and administer hyperbaric oxygen therapy. Joseph Matthews, MD, Medical Director of Enloe’s Wound/Ostomy Center, will also provide treatment at the Hyperbaric Center.

To be referred to the Enloe Hyperbaric Center for treatment of wounds or other health issues, patients can be evaluated at the Enloe Wound/Ostomy Center at 1405 Magnolia Ave., in Chico.



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